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Cadiz Gun Works
Dedicated to Bringing You
the Highest Quality of Workmanship
for the Best Value
Cadiz Gun Works offers one of these
excellent quality stocks on all builds
The heavy duty rod is 50% thicker for twice the strength over the original rod.
Tom Cole's
Heavy Duty
Gas Piston Rod
for the Saiga
12 Shotgun
Made in the US from hardened 4130 steel.
This counts as one compliance part towards the 922 regulations.
The Heavy Duty rod weighs just 1.2 oz more than the factory rod.

Introductory Priced at $30 shipped to the US.
$50 installed into your bolt carrier, plus return shipping.
Shorty Rods also available
for the 8 inch barreled custom builds

Either rod is priced the same.

Cadiz Gun Works Store
Tom Cole's line of Custom Combat Shotguns is being expanded by the addition of the new line of
SS 870 12 and 20 Gauge Pump Action Shotguns
The Super Shorty 870 features an 8 inch barrel and vertical foregrip.
All metal folding buttstock and push-button hinge release mechanism.
May be fired when the stock is folded.

This unit an obvious choice when reliability and concealment are required.
This is an NFA / Class 3 item and must be transfered according to BATF regulations.

Retail pricing $995 plus shipping to your local class 3 dealer.
Current models have a three shot tube magazine capacity
Internally threaded for (Your choice) Win-Choke or Rem-Choke.

Your choice of red or green fiber optic sight installed.

Finished in Black or Grey or two tone.
Go green with the Cadiz Gun Works
Solvent Trap

Our patented solvent trap allows the use of a standard oil filter to capture the solvent and oil splatter that results when running a brush through from the breech of your weapon.

Threaded 1/2 by 28 to screw onto the muzzle of standard AR threading. Made from high strength aluminum to military specs and finished in flat black. Save time and money and help the environment by capturing and reclaiming those petroleum products.

Call today to order:

The solvent trap adapter currently comes in 3 different thread sizes.
- AR15 threading, 1/2x28 right hand threads, finished in Black
- AR10 threading, 5/8x24 right hand threads, finished in Blue
- AK threading, 14x1 left hand threads, finished in Green

The solvent trap is an adapter that screws on to the threads of your gun at one end and the other end you screw on an oil filter to trap the cleaning solvent when cleaning your gun from the breech. Hence the name Solvent Trap Adapter.
This adapter part is round in shape and has 1/2 x 28 threads. It will thread onto an oil filter for the purpose of shooting though the oil filter and working as a silencer. The adapter part is manufactured by Cadiz Gun Works, Jewett, OH and carries a registered serial number The oil filter will share the serial number of the adapter. The Econo Can Suppressor is a NFA registered product. When you order, the registration will transfer on Form 3 to your local FFL/SOT dealer. Then you can complete ATF Form 4 to transfer the registration to you. The cost is $75.00 plus $10.00 S&H
When you call ask about
The Econo Can Suppressor