GEN 4 Solvent Trap Adapter, 14x1 LH

GEN 4 Solvent Trap Adapter, 14x1 LH
GEN 4 Solvent Trap Adapter, 14x1 LH GEN 4 Solvent Trap Adapter, 14x1 LH
Brand: Tom Cole
Product Code: TC-GEN4-ST-14x1LH
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Price: $90.00
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The Generation 4 Solvent Trap is an adapter that screws on to the threads of your gun at one end. The GEN 4 solvent trap looks and works as a muzzlebreak/flashhider. You can still screw on an oil filter to trap the cleaning solvent when cleaning your gun from the breech. With the GEN 4 solvent traps you do not have to remove the adapter/flashhider you just screw your V8 Chevy oil filter on the adapter. The Gen 4 adapter has 5 spiral flutes to better dissapate the muzzle blast from a rifle.

Solvent trap adapters are not siliencers, adapters are cleaning accessories.

Sold individually, the picture is a group of three showing the different angles of the product.

The solvent trap adapters comes in different thread sizes. This solvent trap adapter has AK47 size threads, which are 14x1 lefthand threads. It will fit any caliber gun that is threaded 14x1 LH. This solvent trap is made of steel,  black in color and the shape is like a muzzlebreak/flashhider and made in the USA.

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NOTE: Whenever cleaning your gun make sure the gun is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction before removing or attaching anything to the muzzle of your firearm or cleaning your gun.

NOTE; Solvent Trap , is a registered trademark of Tom Cole, and the Solvent Trap is patent pending.

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