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Cadiz Gun Works manufactures and sells the Econo-Can Suppressor.  The Econo-Can ships to a FFL/SOT dealer in your state on an ATF Form 3. We will need a signed copy of your Class 3 Dealer’s License. The FFL/SOT may be emailed to FFL@CadizGunWorks.com. If you need help locating a dealer, call me or lookup CLASS 3 DEALER, (your state) on the internet and it will pull up websites with lists of Class 3 dealers in your state. If you understand and agree to this FFL requirement, please make the appropriate selection before you add this product to the cart.

After we know which dealer is doing your transfer and we receive payment we would submit our paperwork to NFA/ATF (Form 3). After we receive approval from NFA/ATF, generally in a month or less We would then ship the Econo-Can Suppressor to your dealer. You will do an ATF Form 4 and submit to the ATF/NFA Branch with $200.00 for your tax Stamp to get it registered in your name or Trust. Your local transfer dealer should be able to help you with filling out that paperwork (Form 4). The Form 4 paperwork can take as long as a year for approval.

The Econo-Can Suppressor currently comes in 4 different sizes. The Econo-Can Suppressor comes as a complete unit with the oil filter attached, serial numbered and registered with ATF/NFA. The thread sizes are: 1/2×28 RH thread size, which is registered as a 22 caliber, 14×1 LH thread size, which is registered as a 7.62×39 or 30 caliber, 5/8×24 RH thread size, registered as AAC 300 Blackout, and .578×28 RH thread size, which is registered as a 45 caliber.

ATF/NFA regulations addresses question of how/who can work on your NFA items. (To change filter) It is addresses it in 2 different places in the regulation book.
1. As the end user, you are allowed to work on your own guns, suppressors and other regulated devices. You just can not have someone else do any modifications to it.
2. If or when you need to change the filter out, the ATF/NFA rules say it needs to come back to the original manufacture, which Cadiz Gun Works is. We charge $25.00 to do this service. The complete Econo-Can Suppressor can be shipped directly to us, for gunsmithing, which would be replacement/rehab/repair of the oil filter, with the serial number remarked, and documented as being replaced/rehabbed/repaired. The completed Econo-Can Suppressor can be sent back to you at your address on your NFA Tax Stamp Form. You do not need to go through a dealer for gunsmithing services. The turn around time is 7-10 business days for this service.

The life of the oil filter depends on caliber used and bullet type. Example: 22 caliber with subsonic ammo = 600-1000 rds. 9mm = 300-500 rds.

Selecting “I have read and understand the NFA/ATF requirement verifies that you have read and understand the need for NFA/ATF paperwork prior to Cadiz Gun Works shipping this product. This includes selecting a local dealer Class 3 Dealer to receive your item. Ohio Residents may use Cadiz Gun Works as your transferring dealer.
Out of state residents, please notify Cadiz Gun Works of the name and address of your selected dealer. Once your dealer has your item, you will need to complete a Form 4 and submit it to ATF/NFA with the $200 required for your Tax Stamp. The Form 4 may take up to a year to be processed by ATF. If you select I have questions, you may Call or Text Vicki Jo at 740-491-6003 (Cell), or email vickijo@cadizgunworks.com.

Thread and Length

1/2×28 RH 4.5" Long, .578×28 RH 5" Long, 14×1 LH 8" Long, 1/2 X 28 RH 8" Long, 5/8×24 RH 8" Long

NFA Disclaimer

I have read and understand the ATF/NFA requirements for this product, I will contact CGW for more information


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